Great day to start my blog.  Finally ordered seeds … now anticipation of crisp snow peas and fresh picked lettuce intermingle with visions of morning glories greeting me at sunrise.  Though snow stubbornly clings to the front lawn, and more is forecast still, I’m warmed by knowing Spring is on its way.

With the aim of using regional suppliers, the bulk of my seeds come from Pinetree Garden Seeds, a family run company in Maine.  They offer large selections of all types of seeds at a very reasonable price, allowing me to order a good amount without feeling I have broken the budget.  I also ordered, from Kitchen Garden Seedsin Bantam, CT,  some bush beans, a lettuce, and peas, as the specific variety descriptions suggest they may work in well in targeted spaces (more on this in a later post).

My mail is heavily laden with nursery and seed catalogues from all over the U.S., but I tend to buy from those within the northeast … just a small way to support local/regional businesses and minimize delivery distances.

And on a completely different note, today is Valentine’s Day … a day so many feel obliged to act upon feelings of love.  This day often puzzles me … if you love someone, why wait for a ‘holiday’ to let them know.  Life’s too short … remind your loved ones – every day – by actions and words – how much they mean to you.


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