March is certainly living up to its reputation of coming in like a lion, at least in the Northeast.  The weather gurus have called this storm well as we have 8 inches of new snow with more expected.


But somehow snow in March is not nearly as depressing to me as cold gray snow-less days in February.  At least we are now closer to spring … just 18 days to go. The sun, when it shines, is stronger and warmer … and pre-season baseball is underway in Florida.


This storm brings a good reminder though … use the gentle upward sweep of a broom to clear heavy snows from evergreens, and help prevent damage from the weight of heavy snows.


And, until the weather is in a more spring-like mode, this article, reminded me how refreshing it can be to make a quick stop at a local nursery.  A walk through a greenhouse can be a grand pick-me-up for the winter-weary soul.  For now, though, I’m heading out to shovel …


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