Attitude change

Late winter snows, especially those falling after a brief period of warming, spark consternation … and this seems especially true of this recent New England storm.  Perhaps the negativity oozing from every news broadcast, paper, and web report is strengthening our desire for the simple pleasure of walking outside to witness early spring bulbs poking out of the ground.  Just about everyone I’ve spoken with since this last storm hit mentions how they are “soooo ready” for spring and “soooo weary” of cold and snow.  But considering the temperature drops we’ve had since the snow fell, it truly is better that the freshly emerged greens have a white blanket of cover.  Think about it … the temperature under the snow stays a steady 32 degrees or so, while exposed temperatures have fallen to near zero at night and failed to rise above freezing during the last couple of days.  Surely any freshly surfaced leaves would be damaged if exposed.  So let’s try an attitude change.  When you look out at this

March snow

March snow

 think of it as nature’s down comforter, and remember  – in just 16 days at 7:44 am Spring begins.



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