Vegetable gardening goes to pot

At the March 13 Garden Conference at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Len Giddix described the vegetable gardening solution he devised when faced with the soppy clay soils surrounding his home.  Rather than fight his soils Len opted to garden in pots.  But rather than ‘plant’ these pots into his soil, the technique I used to ward off a vole infestation, Len – who has a self-described dislike of bending over – raised his potted garden on benches.  He places his ‘raised beds’ in rows, as in the standard ground-level garden, which facilitates easy movement, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, and easy mulching of the ground below.  Len claims no problems with slugs, as they cannot reach the vegetables in his raised pots.  He likewise notes no problems with voles, and since he fills his pots with rich compost, he says his harvests are great.


You may hear Len describe his method on the radio, during his and co-host Lisa’s “Garden Talk” show.  I can attest that the photos of his gardens were quite impressive.  My take-away from his Garden Conference presentation is that gardeners are a vastly resourceful group who constantly adjust to find solutions to their problems, no matter their surroundings.


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