First plantings – outside and in

I managed to get the first set of seeds planted outside before today’s rain began.  The combination of thawed planting beds and forecasts for heavy rains over the next few days makes for optimal planting conditions for cold-hardy seeds.  I planted two varieties of peas; my favored Carouby de Maussane snow peas which turn beautiful purple flowers into tasty, crisp morsels, and the new-to-me Snowflake pea pods.  I started with one sowing of each planted in pots sunk into one of the vegetable garden beds.  Three additional long, narrow planters now hold the promise of Cherry Belle and French Breakfast radishes, and Winter Density and New Red Fire lettuces.  I’m determined to reap vegetables from my planting beds in spite of my population of hungry voles (see ‘Think outside of the plot’ below).


Today’s indoor plantings included pots of tomato (Martinos Roma, Manyel, and Sweet Million cherry) which now accompany the Pruden’s Purple flat planted about a week ago.  Indoor pepper plantings include Early jalapeno, Hot Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot, Dancing Spirit, and the frying pepper Cubanelle, and last week’s planting of 2008 seeds of Early Jalapeno and Hot Hungarian Yellow Wax.  To last week’s planting of Ichiban eggplant I added a flat of Lavender Touch eggplant.  I also planted numerous basil varieties such as the new-to-me Italiano Classico and Basilico Finissimo Verde a Palla, and my tried and true favorites Italian large leave basil ocimum, Basilico Mostruoso, lemon basil, and the bush variety O. Basilicum Minimum.  I started some Afina cutting celery, an herb that provides celery flavor in a leaf form, as well.


Most of these plants will find a place in my vegetable or flower beds.  Extras I’ll share with family and friends without the means or time to start plants themselves.


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