Great Garden Tools: Bagz-It

My husband advocates using the right tool for the right job.  Taking his advice, I am always in search of really useful devices to ease gardening tasks.  I stumbled upon one of these tools a year ago at the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show.  Actually my friend spotted it first and had she not stopped to investigate further, I likely would have passed right by the Bagz-It booth thinking it another gardening gizmo.  That would have been a mistake.


The Bagz-It looks like a large vinyl scoop with wheels.  The scoop end is large enough to accept a rake-full of debris.  The lower portion of the scoop lays flat on the ground so raking leaves, or shoveling mulch into the Bagz-It is easy.  When full you simply grab the handy handle, wheel your load to its dumping place, flip the wheel end up to remove the load, and wheel the Bagz-It back to your work area.  This New Hampshire-made unit is light-weight so it does not add a lot of extra poundage to your load, and the wheels easily roll over rough ground, through wooded areas, and up and down steps.  My commercial sized Bagz-It (30 inches wide and 46 inches long) saw its first use when it carried my show purchases from the convention center.  My friend bought one too – she and I made quite a spectacle as we wheeled our twin Bagz-It away from the show, down the stairs, through the main doors (we avoided the revolving ones) and into the parking garage.  Since then this giant vinyl scoop has eased spring and fall perennial bed clean up to the point that I don’t ever want to go without – it sure beats fighting with wind-blown tarps.  Plus it folds flat for easy storage along the garage or shed wall.


I’m now into year two with my Bagz-It – I would not have recommended it without giving it a good, thorough test transporting numerous loads to my compost piles, through wooded areas, up and down slopes and stairs – and despite heavy use it still looks relatively new and shows no sign of wear.  My friend has similar kudos, and we stopped by the Bagz-It booth at this year’s show to share our praise.  Take a look at the different sizes offered, read through the testimonials listed by others, and consider purchasing the size that will work best for you.  I have no connection to this product other than being a big fan, but if you buy one, tell them you heard of it here.



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3 responses to “Great Garden Tools: Bagz-It

  1. Joene's Husband

    This think couldn’t be better if it was made by Binford, (Remember the TV show “Tool Time”). urrr ,urrr, urrr. Actually, it really is a pretty good product, and I don’t say that about many things these days.

  2. Joene,

    I’m going to have to get myself one of these. I’m always looking for ways to transport ‘stuff’ around my garden and I love the fact that it can be folded up and stored in a minimal amount of space.

    PS – Tell your husband if it was made by Binford it would probably have some retro-fitted hidden jet-propulsion system (installed by Tim, of course)that would blow up in my face (or maybe that would be manufactured by Acme – beep, beep!)

  3. joenesgarden

    And it would launch contents with such force that they blow down the neighbor’s fence!

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