HGTV protest – update

Here’s what Tina, the organizer of the protest has to say:


This Campaign was originally scheduled to happen one day only – April 13, 2009 – but it received such a huge (and I mean HUGE) and positive response, I’m leaving it here for those who didn’t get a chance to participate and still would like to. I imagine the execs at Scripps are hoping we’ll all just silently fade away – which will never happen.
A great, big thank you to all that joined in on the 13th! Let’s all cross our fingers that Scripps finally understands the need for some real gardening shows in their HGTV program lineup and brings back Paul James. Seriously, we love Paul – WHAT are they thinking?


Visit the HGTV protest campaign blog – link through Tina above – for more.



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2 responses to “HGTV protest – update

  1. Gail Bacci

    I wish to see Paul James at a better time slot. 7 am is really early in the winter and most gardeners who would be watching in the better weather are out in their garden.
    I would like to see more Gardening shows on “Home & Garden.” Selling & buying houses is old news since the housing market went bust.

  2. joenesgarden

    Thanks for your comments. Voice your feelings to HGTV. They need to understand how gardeners feel about programs and program schedules.

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