Love Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day … now how about a GOOPs Day

We’ve had a cold early spring in Connecticut that is slowing growth to a snail’s pace.  Still, a few blooms thrive to share on Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.


in joene's garden 4-14-09

in joene's garden 4-14-09




narcissus 4-14-09

narcissus 4-14-09


I really enjoyed my first GBBD at May Dreams Gardens in March (thanks to my garden blogging pal Debbie at A Garden of Possibilities for bringing it to my attention).  In fact I think it is such a good idea that I’d like to try something similar, but focused on gardening gaffes, sowing slip-ups, or any mistake related to growing plants – indoors or out.


So, in deference to Carol’s GBBD, I’m declaring May 1, 2009 as Gardening Oops – Damn-I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that Day – GOOPs for short.  I’ll post my own faux pas en jardin – even mistakes sound sexier when stated in French, n’est-ce pas? – and ask you to do the same.  You can post your entire description here, noting your area/zone if applicable, or just post a GOOPs teaser here along with a link to your own blog where you have more elaborately described your GOOPs.  It could be a garden-related purchase, a bad plant combination or a poor planting choice, results from lack of care, or any misstep remotely related to gardening.  Let’s learn from each other and at the same time have a little chuckle at ourselves.


If someone else has thought of this already … my apologies … no intent to step on anyone’s toes.  The way I see it, gardeners are human so there should be enough GOOPs to go around.


Check back here May 1 … I’ll go first.




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11 responses to “Love Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day … now how about a GOOPs Day

  1. Joene,

    Happy Bloom Day! Great photos of your daffodils but don’t they look so sad with their heads down? This cold weather is really putting a damper of our gardens here in CT. The forecast is for a beautiful day on Friday so I’m hoping all the daffs in your garden (and mine too) will be standing at full attention that day.

    I love the idea for GOOPs. I’m already thinking about my post about all the hosta I planted when we first moved in to our house about 20 years ago -before I realized that hosta’s common name should really be deer candy!

  2. jo

    Snail’s pace isn’t as slow as you may think:
    they positively rush from plant to plant. In my garden anyway.
    I know: I set up a snail lab and they are very fast in finding the one possibility to escape.
    They also ignore grit, crushed eggshells, spent coffee grounds and beer only livens them up.
    That would make a good goop post 🙂

    What startingly clear photos of your dafs.
    Good focussing.

  3. joenesgarden

    I have the camera to thank for the focus, I just choose the subject. For better photos of a few of my blossoms go to the photography link on the main page of my blog. Sorry to hear about your fast moving snails. I look forward to your GOOPs story on May 1.

  4. joenesgarden


    Hosta can also be considered vole candy. I had tons of them at a previous house, but that was way before deer became such a problem in CT. Now my hosta are in a fenced area, but the voles still find them. I think the GOOPs thing will be fun and I’m anxious to see what others have to share.

  5. Sue

    Your daffs are pretty, even if they are cold. I visited you because you are near me in the list. Our spring in Nebraska has been cold, too, but I’m hoping the current warm up continues.

    Hang in there, and I have Gardening by the Yard recorded, but keep forgetting to watch them. I hadn’t heard he’s been cancelled. They really don’t have decent gardening shows on HGTV. They should have to remove the “G”.

  6. joenesgarden

    I think they plan to remove the “G” and replace it with L for landscape.

  7. Love your daffodils. Any idea what they are? I’m always looking for new ones to add to my (already crowded!) garden.

  8. joenesgarden

    Thanks. Quite a few years ago I purchased a bunch of narciccus bulbs called “The Works” from White Flower Farm. They have performed admirably and I’m ready to thin and transplant the thicker clumps. Now is definitely the time to reserve fall bulb orders as most suppliers have pre-season reduced rates.

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