Focus on flowers – Early spring narcissi

Is it possible to have too many narcissi?  From early through late spring, gardens brighten with the pure yellow, six to eight inch tall Tête-à-Têtes, or taller stands of yellow or white blossoms, or combinations of white and orange, white and pink, white and yellow, white and peach, white and red, white and green, yellow and orange, and so forth, in single or double flowers.  Some fill the air with sweet scent while others simply offer their cheery petals as their smile on the day.  After a long winter stretch with no flowers to cut from my gardens, I love to bring these blossoms close and indoors.



But rather than plop blooming bunches into a vase, I like to accompany them with newly sprouting branches of neighboring bushes to present a more natural looking bouquet, by adding, for example, nearly blooming high bush blueberry branches as in the photo below.



The last narcissus hurrah in my yard comes in late spring when my all time favorite Poet’s Daffodil (Narcissus poeticus recurvus) blooms.  Its pure white petals open around a small yellow cup fringed in orange-red and encircling a green throat.  The intoxicating scent of this late-bloomer is a perfect way for the season’s narcissi to bid farewell.




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2 responses to “Focus on flowers – Early spring narcissi

  1. Joene,

    That arrangement is so beautiful, I love the addition of the blueberry branches.

  2. joenesgarden

    Thanks, Debbie. Simplicity is often the best way to show off flowers’ beauty.

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