First rain, then mud, then …

My south-central section of Connecticut received about 2.5 to 3 inches of rain since Monday evening, so when I head outside for the next day or so of gardening I expect to be greeted with mud … and many buzzing bugs.  Planting or amending soils will have to wait.  I may even need to tread lightly on the grass until rain water drains or soaks in a bit.  But you won’t find me sitting idly by waiting for things to dry.


The weeds trying to take hold between paver and bluestone paths are in for a tea kettle treatment.  Boiling water baths rid my paths of weeds better than any purchased organic spray I’ve tried.


Many tomato and pepper seedlings will find themselves moved into larger pots so their roots have room to expand further in preparation for outdoor transplanting in about a month.  If temperatures reach the promised 80’s in the day and 50’s at night, the larger tomatoes may find a new temporary home in the portable mini-greenhouse to start their hardening-off process.  As long as the newly moved plants are shaded from the sun for a few days, and the temperatures hold, there’s no reason to keep the plants confined to their current lighted indoor home.


Those sweet pea seeds I intended to sow outside before the rains came, will be soaked in water overnight to soften their tough outer shells and carefully poked (insert finger, drop in seed, cover hole, repeat) into the ground to take advantage of the warm moisture that will develop in the soil over the next few days.


The last hard frost date here is about mid-April.  Cool-tolerant edibles such as lettuce, peas, radish, spinach and other leafy greens love the cool nights and warm days of mid-spring so I’ll likely plant at least one more group of each.  This should insure a steady supply of these veggies until they succumb to the heat of summer.


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