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Gardening Oops – Damn-I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that Day – GOOPs for short – May 1.  As previously explained, this Friday I’ll share one of my gardening gaffes and you can do the same, either in entirety in a comment or as a GOOPs teaser that links back to your own blog’s complete GOOPs post.  Maybe we can turn our own damn-I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that GOOPs into each others’ PHEW-I’m-glad-I-didn’t-do-that!


The chance for frost exists Wednesday night in Connecticut – temperatures could fall into the 30’s over the entire state.  Cover any tender or just transplanted plants in outdoor exposed areas.  Use old sheets, upside down baskets, or other covers that will prevent frost from settling onto tender leaves, but won’t crush the plants.  Protect houseplants moved to outdoor locations for hardening off with either a cloth or bring them back inside for the night.


Remember Project BudBurst – my observations include dandelions’ first bloom which occurred on April 4, and the April 25 leaf out of my tulip tree.  I’ll continue to watch for tulip tree flowers, and for my other observations.



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