Focus on Flowers – Violet Bouquet

What comes to mind when you think of a bouquet of flowers … a tall vase of roses, a bowl of hydrangea, or one of those grocery store mixed bouquets plopped in any old water holding container?

With a little bit of thought, minimal time, and no expense even the tiniest flowers can have a large impact.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Chappell

Photo courtesy of Ralph Chappell

Here, a three-inch tall container that started life as a mini Patron (a damn good tequila) bottle holds violet flowers and fern fronds.  Both violets and these hay ferns grow in my yard, woods, and gardens … hence at no cost.  Total time to pick and arrange: 15 minutes. 

Sometimes the best things in life are free.



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2 responses to “Focus on Flowers – Violet Bouquet

  1. Ralph

    salvaged from the the lawn and saved from the unceremonious mulching mower blade. I was surprised, when I saw them, just how striking the mini arrangement was.

  2. Joene,

    Very pretty and creative. I love addition of the fern fronds, they are so interesting as they unfold.

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