Think “local” this Mother’s Day

I’m not a big ‘buy for Mother’s Day’ proponent, in fact I’m perfectly happy having my kids help me with a special gardening project or make a Mother’s Day dinner for me.  But if you are planning to bolster the economy for Mother’s Day, please take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself and family members with local businesses.

If planning a Mother’s Day meal out, make a reservation at a local restaurant.  If cooking a meal for Mom, consider purchasing ingredients from a local farm.  Find a statewide list here.

Considering candy, books, jewelry, or some other special gift?  Forego the big-box and national chain stores and, instead, seek out the local, independent shops listed in the yellow pages.

For plants, head to a local nursery to obtain solid advice on what plants work best where, and where Mom can go if she needs such advice.  Some of my favorites are Ballek’s Garden Center, Staehly Farms, Old Lyme Landscape (info here), Acer Gardens, and Town and Country Nursery, but any established local nursery, such as these listed in the Connecticut Garden and Landscape Trail, has experienced plant-people to help your selection.  However, make sure you speak with a walking/talking plant person, rather than the resting lady below (source).

The Lost Gardens of Heligan - Mud Maid

The Lost Gardens of Heligan - Mud Maid


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