Looking back

May certainly brings changeable weather to my part of the planet – last night, temperatures dropped to about 38 degrees, and I suspect many areas in north-western Connecticut had frost.

May 21, 2006 hail

May 21, 2006 hail


A recent look back through photos reminded me of May 21, 2006. We had some pretty severe thunderstorms in south central Connecticut.  The result was a coating of small hail that – albeit briefly – covered everything.

Fortunately, I had no permanent damage … just gardens beaten down a little, from which they quickly recovered.  But, looking back helps me appreciate the sunny, warm weather that finally – hopefully – seems to be taking hold, and also reminds me to appreciate the gifts we receive every day – from nature, our family, our friends, and our country.  A nice thought leading up to Memorial Day, a time for us to remember and reflect on those who gave their lives so we, as Americans, can enjoy our many gifts.

And, with this in mind … no one says it better than Ray.



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2 responses to “Looking back

  1. hendu

    Now on what blog have I seen that link before? HMMMMMMM?

  2. joenesgarden

    Great minds think alike …

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