taking a brief break

Hi all … I’m taking a break to rest my eye after laser treatments for a detached retina. Will post again by Monday.  SUNDAY UPDATE:  Here’s a word of advice that has nothing to do with gardening, but everything to do with seeing.  If you find newly formed black spots or threads – fondly refered to as floaters – in your vision, or develop flashes in one or both eyes … SEE the EYE DOCTOR.  It could very well be a detached retina, which is an eye emergency.  If caught early, as in my case, you may be lucky enough to only have an in-office laser treatment – what my hubby called “having my eye welded.”  If the detachment goes beyond a small area, or you have a decreased field of vision – which, thankfully, I did not – you may only have to recoup for a couple of days.  The bottom line?  Vision changes, especially those that happen over a short period of time,  should be checked out immediately.  I sure am happy I caught my emergency quickly.



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2 responses to “taking a brief break

  1. Joene,

    Hope everything went well. Looks like you’ll have a beautiful weekend to relax and have your family pamper you!

    Looking forward to new posts next week.

  2. joenesgarden

    Thanks for the well wishes, but there was only a little relaxing at my end. Since I was banned from reading and using my computer, I spent my time working in the gardens. I’m much happier when I have something to keep me busy.

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