June Bloom Day

It’s been chilly, rainy, and cloudy, but flowers brighten the days.




shrub rose

shrub rose


rugosa rose

rugosa rose





Also blooming are salvia silvestris, Sweet William, foxglove, geranuim sanguineum, rose campion, lobelia, nasturtium, campanual cup and saucer, sedum, coral bells, many varieties of pinks, trandescantia, an orangy-red nasturtium I started from seeds that are supposed to be creamy yellow, and an oriental poppy ‘Princess Victoria Louise’ started from seed in 2004 and blooming for the first time this year.  Also blooming: penstemon, snow-in-summer, wild yarrow, mountain laurel (Connecticut’s state flower), and my last dark purple bearded iris.  I have photos of most, but for some reason photo uploads are touchy today.  Happy bloom day everyone.



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6 responses to “June Bloom Day

  1. Beautiful blooms today. I scrolled on down and love the idea of touring our own gardens. I do that every day, even in the rain.

  2. Everything looks beautiful, I especially love the shrub rose. My Sweet William ‘sooty’ is at least a week away from blooming and my bearded irises didn’t seem to like all our rainy weather sincethey didn’t put on a very good show this year.

    Happy Bloom Day!

  3. joenesgarden

    nell jean,
    I do the same … rain, shine, wind, cold, even after it snows. It’s the best way to appreciate subtle changes and get a good dose of ‘ahhhhhh.’

  4. joenesgarden

    My iris bloomed for longer this year than ever, I think because of the cold, but I had fewer blossoms overall. Your gardens look wonderful, as always.

  5. My poppy (I think it’s Plum Patty, or something like that) also bloomed for the first time this year but the rain turned it into a very disappointing mass of sodden brown petals lying on the ground. Yours is so pretty, with those crinkly pale pink petals.

  6. Wow those are really pretty. I wish we could get those types of results.

    We’ve got the best climate for them too!

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