Ahh … the ‘About’ page.  This is the hard part for me.  I’ve edited this page many times.  Here’s the latest …


I’m a garden junkie.  Growing flowers and plants keeps me sane, but I try to refrain from letting it make me insane – though my family might dispute this.  And while I love surrounding our home with beautiful plantings, and filling our home with beautiful flowers, I strive to balance gardening work with gardening pleasure.


I have gardened in south-central Connecticut, an area currently deemed zone 6a, for more than 30 years.  I’m an Advanced Master Gardener, and though unable to keep up with the program’s volunteer requirements, I still try to participate in ongoing education.  But my practical knowledge comes from years of get-down-and-dirty work; from errors and successes refurbishing overgrown plots of land; and from carving a soothing landscape in the middle of a hardwood forest.


I channeled this hands-on experience into a small contract gardening/garden coaching business that is now entering its ninth year.  To compliment my flair for garden design, I further trained in floral design, and now combine my gardening and floral design talents to adorn outdoor and indoor settings alike.


Besides being a garden junkie, I write – mostly about health-related topics – but this does not feed my passion for gardening or my want to share my love of nature’s gifts with those of similar interest.  So this is where I share my joene’s garden experience, successes, flops, and outlooks … from 2009 onward.  I hope you like what you read and see here enough to follow along and enlist in a little give-‘n-take.


Some examples of my work:

Available rocks and a few well placed plants allowed me to turn a sloped, shady bare patch into this: 05-2005-front-shade-and-circle



What started 2008 as unplanted dirt, by June looked like this: left-upper-pool-6-2008_edited


And by the start of August, looked like this: left-pool-bed-8-2008_edited


An arrangement I created for a friend’s wedding: joenesgarden-for-sw-wedding-8-07




7 responses to “About

  1. lauren

    the photos of your garden and its bounty are a real inspiration. thanks for finding the time and energy to share the beauty that you are cultivating.

  2. Christine

    I absolutely love the wedding arrangement. Your friend is lucky to have you!

  3. joenesgarden

    Thanks, and I’m lucky to have her.

  4. Your garden looks beautiful. Meanwhile, I look into my own pitiful yard here in Chicago. It’s filled with oak tree roots and covered in shade. I can barely get the grass to grow 😦

  5. joenesgarden

    Thanks, Ellen. Sorry to hear about your gardening woes. Sounds like you have too much shade to support grass. Have you considered planting a shade-tolerant ground cover instead?

  6. Oh.My! What beautiful photos, Joene, and such a gift you have for gardening. Just lovely.

  7. joenesgarden

    Thanks, Jane. I’m glad others can enjoy my gardens through the magic of photography.

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