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HGTV protest – update

Here’s what Tina, the organizer of the protest has to say:


This Campaign was originally scheduled to happen one day only – April 13, 2009 – but it received such a huge (and I mean HUGE) and positive response, I’m leaving it here for those who didn’t get a chance to participate and still would like to. I imagine the execs at Scripps are hoping we’ll all just silently fade away – which will never happen.
A great, big thank you to all that joined in on the 13th! Let’s all cross our fingers that Scripps finally understands the need for some real gardening shows in their HGTV program lineup and brings back Paul James. Seriously, we love Paul – WHAT are they thinking?


Visit the HGTV protest campaign blog – link through Tina above – for more.



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HGTV Protest – my version

Emailed April 13, 2009 at about 9 am, Eastern to John F. Lansing, President, Scripps Networks,; Tammy Esser, Vice President of Viewer services,; Ms. Cindy McConkey, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications,; and Gary McCormick, Director of Public Relations,

Just when interest in gardening is growing, HGTV – the home and garden network – flips viewers a brown thumb.

I protest HGTV’s cancellation of Gardening By the Yard, and I’m disappointed in the overall decline in gardening-focused shows on HGTV.

This viewer is sticking out her green-thumb to hitch a ride with other networks. HGTV’s move to landscape make-over shows simply doesn’t make it.

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April 13 HGTV email protest

It’s time to voice your protest of the reported cancellation of Gardening By The Yard, the gardening show hosted by Paul James.  Go to planned April 13 email protest on Monday for instructions.

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No foolin’

My favorite photographer caught some of my spring bloomers after this weekend’s shower … proof that spring has sprung.


On a serious note, those who enjoy the amusing antics of Paul James, The Gardener Guy, on HGTV may want to join the planned April 13 email protest of the reported cancellation of his show.  It makes no sense for execs at Scripps Network to cancel gardening shows just when the nation is showing a growing interest in gardening.


Hello, Scripps Network (parent company of HGTV) … even the first family is gardening.  They’re not advocating quickie installation of a seating area, a fountain or pond, and an arbor as depicted in so many “landscaping” shows … they’re growing a garden – an organic one at that.  The trend is obvious, even without getting hit in the head with a shovel.



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